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  • Coombe Lane Flyover A238

    Created by Jose Ferraro // 0 threads

    Coombe Lane West heading towards Raynes Park: There is a long downhill slope which has new potholes appearing frequently which after a long while are filled with blobs of tarmac creating equally dangerous lumps. Grit fallen from HGVs and parked cars narrowing the lane make this a very risky road to cycle along at speed. A cyclist needs to slow down to be prepared to manoeuvre these hazards which puts them into conflict with motorised traffic behind them who wish to pass but lack the room. This is especially true when cycling uphill over the flyover (in either direction).

    There is a short piece of cycle lane only at the base of the hill which does not continue over the flyover and leaves slower cyclists to mix in with the much faster flow of motorised traffic.

    The result is frequent close passes unless you cycle in a primary position which invites further conflict (tailgating and intimidation) from impatient motorists.

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